Letter: Wrong location for solar farm

In response to the Your View letter by Erica Extine concerning the proposed Birch Solar farm, I, too, am a resident of the Shawnee community. I’m not sure where Erica resides, but the woods we have lived in for over 30 years will be surrounded by solar panels if the Birch Solar Project goes through. I would like to clarify to Erika that this is not about being against solar energy. This is about placing a solar farm in a densely populated area. Again, this is not anti-solar as Erica stated.

I am concerned about what this will do to our property value, wildlife, well water, and environmental issues to name a few. There is no definitive research on the longevity or damaging effects of these massive solar projects being placed in and around highly populated areas such as ours.

It’s a fact: clean energy is the future … companies are wanting to decrease their environmental footprint. But let’s put the solar farms in more logical locations where it will not affect so many homeowners who do not want them here. This will not benefit our community.

I am sure there is going to be a lot of opinions, misinformation and Your View letters in the coming months about this Lightsource bp project. Please take the time to talk to the families and homeowners that this project will effect directly. Talk to the homeowners, Shawnee school board members, Shawnee trustees and the Allen and Auglaize county commissioners. This will not benefit our community.

Linda Beckstedt, Shawnee Resident


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