Letter: Democrats always there to save us

We received an email from Jim Jordan proclaiming liberals hate America. I am offended and angered by this statement, given this buffoon has consistently supported Trump and his failed policies.

Throughout history it has been the Democratic administrations that have pulled the country back from the brink of economic collapse that was brought on by Republican policies. Democrats from FDR through Obama made sound policy decisions that turned the country around after Republican administrations nearly destroyed it.

Here we are again after just four years of an ineffective, incompetent administration that has run the country to the brink of collapse. Yet as usual, Republicans complain about the deficit, they cannot support help for the citizens suffering because of the incompetent and uncaring handling of the COVID pandemic. The deficit was not an issue at all when they were passing tax cuts for the wealthiest among us. It is only when that help goes for the working class that they worry about the deficit.

Trump should be convicted and imprisoned after his brazen call for an insurrection where five people died. As we can see now, words have consequences. Ask Lou Dobbs about that he and the other FOX imbeciles who lied about election fraud and have brainwashed millions of people in this country.

It appears to me the Republican Party has been taking this country toward an authoritarian, oligarchy for decades and they are very close to succeeding. When it happens, I can guarantee you one thing: Jim Jordan and his minions will blame the left.

Sherri Eley,



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