Letter: Swanson is issue focused

Autumn Swanson is both an experienced and thoughtful candidate for mayor of Lima. Her well considered policy proposal to significantly expand community oriented policing (COP) will result in strengthened positive relationships between police and community members. There will be an emphasis on practical problem solving. This issue oriented campaign will lead to improved public safety.

Her concern for public safety is based on experience working with crime victims and community members. While serving as Lima’s Neighborhood Specialist she had a vital role in training Citizens Block Patrols to work cooperatively with both law enforcement and the public.

Whether it is proposals about public safety, positive activities for youth, or improving housing, Autumn Swanson has the organizational skills and policy proposals to be an outstanding leader for Lima. As people come to know more about Autumn Swanson and her issue based campaign, they will be impressed with her practicality and enthusiasm. She will be a great mayor of Lima!

John Schneider,



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