Letter: Keep an eye on China

How friendly should the U.S. be with China? How much does the Biden Administration want to be chums with the China Communist Party? Is China a civilized and moral society? No! Can they be trusted in any way? No!

When we in the United States believe in freedom of religion, for now anyway, people in China are killed because of their religion. The Falun Gong is one which is persecuted. Falun Gong has two main parts: self-improvement through the study of teachings and gentle exercises and meditation. The China Communist Party kills them to harvest their body parts to sell. It is believed that tens of thousands have been killed for that reason.

The Uyghurs and other Muslims organizations are other peoples that are greatly abused. Their body parts are in great demand in other Muslim countries because in their religion they do not drink alcohol and do not eat pork, thereby having clean body parts.

What if China invades Taiwan? Would the Biden Administration stand up to China and protect Taiwan as the U.S. has said it would? We have strong commitments to South Korea, and Japan, but not Tiawan.

China is also the largest source of illicit fentanyl and fentanyl- like substances according to the 2018 China Economic and Security Review Commission.

I believe that we as citizen voters start looking at our United States leadership policies instead of sniping at the leader’s personalities. There are so many problems we in the United States have, the borders and immigration, Russia, debt closing in on $30 trillion, a debt of over $222,191 per voter. We need to look at the actual policies of leaders not just media hype.

Bob Amstutz,



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