Letter: Need to hear all of facts

There are many questions and issues that arise by the impending impeachment trial of former President Trump. How will it benefit or damage our nation and its people, and what is the main design of this process? Although he has been indicted by the House of Representatives, the Senate needs to approve it by a two-thirds majority. Much of the media (NBC,CBS, ABC, CNN and others) are focusing on the video footage of Jan. 6, while Fox News, OAN and others are questioning the legality of the trial and downplaying the intentions of the president.

Our Senators and the public need to be informed of all pertinent fact and not fall prey to false information, sentimentality or political loyalty. The Democracy of this Nation was at great risk as was the potential danger placed upon our elected officials. Looking back in history, France suffered much from the words of Napoleon, Germany from Hitler’s and some(banana) republics from their dictators.

Do we need this individual to ever return promising us a nation of greatness when in reality he brings division in our cultural differences and political chaos? We should not forget “E Pluribus Unum” stamped on every American coin

Gaspar Franco,



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