Letter: A black man’s story in Findlay

I am from Ghana and for 10 years have worked as a truck driver with over one million miles over the road. I have never done drugs or failed a drug test in my life. Last October I finally decided to take advantage of an opportunity within the company to get off the road so I could spend time with my children.

Everything was going fine until they saw the way I talked and looked. I have long dreads and most of the time people see me they assume that I do drugs. I have never smoked or drank in my life. I live in Findlay, where everyone knows everybody. When people started to make racial comments about me, I asked for a transfer so I took a month off after Christmas to try and look for something different. The company asked me to take a random drug test, which I did.

While waiting for my transfer, I got a job from a different company so I forgot about everything until later on the year I found out that my former employer put on a dock report that I refused a drug test. I called them trying to get things fixed so I could get my CDL back. They offered me a program in Toledo that would help me get my license back. It cost me $500 and I still do not have my CDL back.

Is this the kind of world we are planning to live in, where we are judged by the color of our skin?

Kwame Bosiako,



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