Letter: What have we become?

letter to the editor

Jim Fletcher <jimpenny.2001@gmail.com>

In a Socialist/Communist, one-party state there are elections. You can vote for who you want but the “ruling class elites” put in who they want and then tell you it’s who you voted for. When a new leader is installed, the public is kept out by razor wire fences and there is always a strong military presence at these events. In such a state, the news media (like ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, etc.) are simply propaganda agencies for the state and report only what the state allows — never the actual truth. All dissenting opinions are censored and those voicing them have their businesses destroyed and jobs taken away.

It is truly amazing how one act of treason, one stolen election, can in less than one month take away all the protection of our freedoms provided in the Constitution leaving us with no ability to ever get them back by permanently destroying our ability to ever again vote in our rulers! This is what happens when no one, even our Supreme Court, has the courage to do the right thing.

Jim Fletcher,



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