Letter: Trump No. 1 on bad list

Before the recent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, egged on by Donald Trump, some historians had already “pegged” him as one of the worst U.S. presidents in history along with James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson and George w. Bush.

However, with his narcissistic personality and insatiable ego, he is not one to share the “stage” with anyone He wants the “worst u.s. president of all time” award all by himself. He has achieved that.

If anyone still believes that Trump won the election and was cheated out of a second term, I have a deal for you: a 100 story, ocean front condo located in McGuffey. The price is only $1.98: Got my real estate degree from the now defunct Trump University flying there on the now defunct Trump airline, while having a dinner of now defunct Trump steaks. After all, I am also a stable genius.

Thankfully, the Trump presidency has been flushed down the toilet of history. Sadly, the stink from it will last for some time to come.

Victor Arnett, Lima


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