Letter: AnAmerican Horror Story

I am not a fan of horror movies. Unfortunately, the horror show the world saw in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6, haunts the American psyche. President Trump hosted a Stop the Steal rally scheduled to end just in time for “protestors” to march to the Capitol to halt the Senate from accepting the Electoral College results.

The crowd chanted “Fight for Trump!”

Trump’s response: “Thank you.”

Having refused to concede defeat, DJT previously had launched 60-plus lawsuits contending election fraud, including one to the U.S. Supreme Court — all thrown out for lack of evidence.

It is sad that Americans were misled into believing he would make America great again. The Washington Post tracked his lies and mis-statements — over 30,000 in four years. Anyone who knows the true Donald Trump knows his right-to-life stance was a sham to get votes.

Trump’s personal lawyer for 12 years, Michael Cohen, knew the true DJT. In his 2020 book, “Disloyal,” he tells of Trump’s disdain for Christian evangelicals who prayed over him when he considered running in 2012. In reference to their visit, Trump said “Can you believe people believe that bull——?” Sadly, many Christian evangelical leaders have misled followers.

In February, evidence will be presented in Trump’s impeachment trial. Why is this happening now? His conviction will not give him prison time, but guarantee he can never run for federal office again.

Conviction will be an important message to anyone who thinks they can overthrow the government for which thousands of true patriots have died to preserve. Ohio’s Senators Brown and Portman must put country over party to vote in favor of consequences for DJT’s insurrectionist behavior.

Carol E. Gibson


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