Letter: Trump never will admit loss

Go back in time to the months leading up to the 2016 election. Remember what Donald Trump was saying over and over again: The election was rigged.

To everyone’s surprise, including Trump, he won that election. Ask yourself, had the roles been reversed and Clinton had won the electoral vote while losing the popular vote by a 2.9 million margin, would Trump have conceded to Clinton? The obvious answer is, Trump would still be screaming that he was robbed.

Now, fast forward to 2020, other than the fact that Trump is president, not much has changed. In the months leading up to the election Trump was still claiming that he will be victimized by a rigged election. This time around he does lose, and really the results aren’t particularly close. Biden ends up with 306 electoral votes and a popular vote margin of victory that exceeds 7 million.

What does Trump do? Exactly what he would have done had he lost in 2016: He throws a tantrum and claims that he was robbed. He loses court case after court case when he is unable to produce evidence to back up his allegations of fraud. He tries every conceivable tactic to reverse the election results, including a failed attempt to prevent Congress from counting the electoral votes when the Capitol was breached by his angry mob on January 6.

The truth is simple: Donald Trump was never going to abide to the will of the American people if he lost, not in 2016, not in 2020; not now, not ever.

James Carr,


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