Letter: A very sad day for us all.

Mr. Trump invited people to Washington and promised to march down Pennsylvania Avenue with them to overturn the election. Of course he didn’t march with them, and things escalated.

It was Mr. Pence who finally summoned the National Guard. It came too late as five people died. Some of the rioters wanted to find, and hang, Mr. Pence.

This isn’t what “civilized” people do. It was very frightening. Windows were broken in the Capitol and people entering forcibly and illegally. Offices were destroyed and items were taken. Legislators and Capitol workers were hiding, fearing for their lives. There could have been mass casualties. Those entering were smiling, taking selfies, replacing the American flag with Confederate flags. It was completely out of control.

Is this OK with you?

This is the USA, not a third world country. Or, who are we as a nation. Republican or Democrat, we are Americans first. Do we want our kids and grandkids thinking you can bully your way through life — no laws or consequences! We all have laws to follow.

Five lives were lost, many injured. They broke in, maimed and killed others.

Since November 3, 2020, they were constantly told on January 6, they could come and take their country back. Trump would remain president.

If you continually stoke a fire, it is going to burn. Proof of that was the nation’s Capitol Building.

A very sad day for us all.

Kathy Young



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