Letter: A reminer on who’s in charge

When Democrat mayors decided to let the left destroy their cities by telling police to stand down, they opened the floodgates. Now the crazies on the far left are on a feeding frenzy, and crazies on the far right are going to resort to violence to stop them.

When you allow lawlessness to win an election, not only do you abdicate your primary responsibility, you create an unmanageable situation. This has been going on for eight months, but recently it appears that our Congress believes that they’re the only ones who deserve protection: 9-foot fences, razor wire, 20,000 members of the National Guard. …

We didn’t see that in Portland, or any other “peaceful” protest cities. Take down the fences and razor wire, remove the Guard and let the politicians mingle with the common folk. Politicians need to realize that we are not a bunch of unenlightened rubes. We have seen their blatant hypocrisy for a long time.

It’s not enough to make them run and hide under their desks or in closets, but it’s a start. We shouldn’t be concerned or worried about ending up with a president for life. We’ve accepted a governmental bureaucracy for life (at least for well over 50 years).

Government is trying to control every aspect of our lives, and it’s time to remind them who’s in charge.

Tom Riegle,

Bath Township


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