Letter: America the land of technocracy

America and technocracy

To understand what has been happening here in America for the last several years you’ll have to understand what technocracy is. It becomes clear in the actions of big tech, media mob, giant corporations, radical riots, radical attacks and the destruction of Americas freedoms and values.

The rhetoric spread of double-standard and racism has been pushed on people in order to make one submit to radical left beliefs. You must look at technocracy. Technocracy infiltrated our educational system in the 1960s and into our government under President Carter. The European Union and many world governments have given a green light to technocracy. It is also known as the great reset. Agenda 21, The World Economic Forum.

Patrick Woods explains what it is. He is an economist, financial analyst and American constitutionalist and has been researching and understanding technocracy for 45 years. He also explains how we can control this.

Global elites Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg are technocrats. Jack Dorsey is a technocrat and an anarchist. Several Hollywood celebrities and Dr. Fauci are technocrats or support it. I have read that the new green deal such as solar farms effects local climates, warming the surrounding air and causing more rain. In our area possibly more humidity which can cause health issues and property damage. 5G also warms the environment.

Understanding technocracy you then will understand the mayhem, the hate and the ostracizing of others the radical left is unleashing in this country. The radical left is now censoring anything they don’t agree with. They are ushering Nazism into America.

A George Lucas 1971 Movie, “THX 1138,” shows a technocracy way of life.

Sue Brady



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