Letter: A message for President Biden

President Biden:

You do not unite by pointing fingers at unreasonable unrest, but by pulling the country together with the qualities that make America the best.

Being in Washington 40 years does not make you a momentous leader. Many of these things that have happened in Washington are why people supported change. We fear for our children. I see liberals wanting to see an androgynous Society rather than the diversity that they preach. I have never felt anyone’s differences make them less of a person than God had created them to be. I guess many people do not want God to be brought up, however, because they don’t think there is one. Still, can’t we just get along on universal points that we agree on? Who doesn’t desire liberty?

Please don’t talk about changing everything. Talk about analyzing what works and eliminating what doesn’t, on consensus. Politicians need to work together for the sake of our country. President Biden needs to choose words carefully if he wants Unity. Let’s don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. A lot of good has been done. I often wonder how much more could have been done if the two parties would have worked together for the people.

I would suggest opening your eyes to see the same scenarios occurring on both sides of politics: conservative, liberal. Then do what’s right.

A person with his faith in God can change the direction our nation is heading. I ask you to be a person with faith. God is waiting to hear from you. Our nation has hope.

Darlene Hensley,



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