Letter: Enough is enough

This is a letter to the children running our government.

Almost without exception, and no matter if they have an ‘R’ or ‘D’ behind their names, they are suffering from yabut disease. Yabut, they looted retail stores and other property. Yabut, they stormed state capitals and the Capitol building in Washington and plotted to kidnap a governor. Whether you point a gun at a cop or trash a government building, you should not expect a good result. The only reason I do not say you act like middle schoolers is that it would be insulting to my middle school granddaughter.

I see both attempts to convict Trump as exercises in futility. The looting of the Capitol would have happened with or without Trump’s speech. I do find it strange that Trump allies are now calling for unity. There has never been a better time to abolish the two party system and the electoral college.

Terry J Knebel



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