Letter: Answer to double-standard

I watched as the protest at the Capitol turned into a riot. In no way do I blame President Trump for this any more than I blame Kamala Harris for the invasion of the Capitol during the Kavanagh hearings.

I did however watch as the Capitol police took down barricades and waved people into the Capitol Building. I also watched as a Capitol policeman shot an unarmed woman to death for attempting to enter through a broken window in a door. Where is the outcry of this crime? When is that policeman going to be suspended, charged, and tried for this murder?

I watched the riots of last summer, and I saw the media dismiss them as mostly peaceful protests, I saw Kamala Harris support a fund to bail out the rioters who were burning down police and federal buildings, and heard liberal Democrat politicians excuse the violence as justifiable protests while car loads of looters were ravaging downtown Chicago.

None of these “protests” were blamed for the spread of Covid-19 even though few if any masks were worn or “social distancing” was being observed.

Now a group of misguided protesters turned into rioters and attempted to enter the Capitol Building. These people were just as wrong as the rioters who were burning and looting in our Democrat controlled cities last summer. The big difference is that when these people were called domestic terrorists the left wing Democrats defended them to the last and justified their burning and looting.

The people who gathered in front of the Capitol were expressing their First Amendment Rights. Those who illegally broke into the Capitol were Rioters, and they were no more Domestic Terrorists than those Antifa and BLM rioters who were burning buildings and looting last summer.

Politicians are jumping on the anti-Trump bandwagon. Rest assured that we Trump supporters will remember who you all are. Elections have consequences.

Kenneth E. Harris



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