Letter: Root cause of Trump’s loss

Mr. Figley decries the Black Lives Matter marches held during the summer as unjustifiably violent. Regarding the siege at the Capitol, he asserts heightened emotions were understandable while damage and destruction were minor. I doubt the widow of the policeman whose head collided with a fire extinguisher wielded by a Trump supporter would agree.

As to the root cause of Trump’s loss, let’s examine the highlights of his tenure. He wished the Japanese a happy Memorial Day; saluted a North Korean general; fawned over dictators invited to the White House; deported the widow and children of a fallen soldier; agreed to a joint cyber security unit with Putin, who subsequently hacked over 200 US government agencies; disseminated Soviet propaganda; called African nations ——hole countries; dismissed the Saudi Arabian slaughter of a Washington Post journalist; vehemently opposed a free press, and golfed while other G-20 leaders attended a Coronavirus meeting.

No Mr. Figley, the elections outcome is not debatable. Cases having been dismissed by a conservative majority Supreme Court as well as Trump appointed judges, as having no merit. As the coup attempt unfolded, invaders fashioned a noose and called for Mike Pence to be hanged, simultaneously Trump was phoning GOP governors to “find” more votes. Throughout the siege Trump expressed no concern for anyone’s safety nor did he call for an increased police presence.

In the leadership vacuum, VP Pence assumed control. For that, provocateur Mr. Figley as well as the nation should be grateful.

Marilyn Mackey,



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