Letter: The need for free speech

The freedoms of assembly and speech have historically been synonymous in this country. Democrats in Congress are drafting legislation that would classify Trump rallies as Domestic Terrorism. It would thereby classify Trump supporters as domestic terrorists.

Some Democrats want to ban, and criminalize, the right of Trump supporters to peaceably assemble. Some so called “moderate” Republicans in Congress are probably in lockstep just behind these Democrats in this push. The questions are, where do these actions lead? When do they end? The answers to those questions will tell us where our nation is headed.

If you’ve been to a Trump rally you know what a peaceful assembly looks like. Contrast that image with what we witnessed from Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis and other cities across the nation in 2020. Both start with Americans exercising their First Amendment rights. But the commonality ends quickly as the later devolves from peaceful into threatening, destructive, and even murderous. These facts cannot be refuted.

As a nation, we have a course to choose. Banning assembly and speech, whether by legislation or by restricting access to social media platforms and apps, will only lead to a disastrous alternative. We have not lost the need for free speech, critical thought and debated decisions. The alternatives to free and open speech, is not the course we want to take as a country.

Joseph Kuhn,



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