Letter: No honor for being misled

The recent assault on our Capitol and our Constitution leaves no excuse to absolve many from complicity in attacking our Democracy.

For the many who supported the president from the onset of his campaign to become president, there is no safe haven for their peace of mind in places of worship, seats of public office, places of employment or in your own homes. There can be no honor for being misled by lies that supported the president’s egotistical drive, jeopardizing our freedom and putting our Country at the risk of falling into anarchism.

In the the military, I did witness flights bringing home deceased veterans from Vietnam who died to protect our nation’s principles. We must not use our military service as a right to tear down what so many before us did in having their sacrifices made in vain. I only ask that we all search in our own conscience and to do what is right not for ourselves or for our political party but for the good of our country.

There will always be political and personal differences, however, the best resolution is the one with the best results for the common good of all.

Gaspar Franco



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