Letter: Stop making sense, Mark, please!

In his recent column, “Making sense of the mob surge,” full-time Trump apologist Mark Figley, in reference to the events at the Capitol last Wednesday, observes “the clear majority of protest attendees were not ‘terrorists,’ but patriots with a deep respect for the Constitution and the rule of law who eventually dispersed peacefully.”

One of those patriots who dispersed peacefully was Lima’s own Tom Ahl? In another Lima News article, Ahl describes his experience at the Capitol that day:

“We didn’t get onto the Capitol steps; we were in the yard. People were just singing patriotic songs. They were excited about standing up for our freedom. Then a guy came over — I believe he was with law enforcement — and just shot us with pepper spray without justification. That’s some pretty nasty stuff.”

Did you two happen to see the footage of CNN reporter Alex Marquardt and his crew being menaced and driven by the crowd? Almost everyone there was shouting obscenities at them, threatening them. Only one protester intervened to protect the journalists, saying “Stop it! This is not who we are!”

For the clear majority of the attendees at the riot, that is exactly who they are.

Is it okay to use the “D” word now? By that I mean “Deplorable”?

Kelly Anspaugh,



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