Letter: Time for Congress to get tough

I can’t believe President Trump. You, POTUS, inflame a group of gun-toting evildoers and wonder why this happened?

It seems to me it was just what was asked for. Let’s see. … I (POTUS) tell the people that they have been cheated; not a proven fact, and wonder what they will do.

Let’s look at this again: If “we/you” stop this election “we/you” can take this country by force and overtake this by a military coup, POTUS takes over by the military and he’s king again! Isn’t this the way all second class-nations do? POTUS what have you made of us? Lucky to be a third-class nation.

A megalomaniac will do anything to be what he wants to be. He doesn’t care about you, this beloved country, or any one of anything else.

Can you hear the other nations laugh?

I can and am disgusted by you POTUS. You put this nation — “our” nation, not “yours”nation — at risk.. Is your friend Putin enjoying this? He should because you’re doing just what he wants: to make this nation as weak as you can and have made it ! Shame on you!

Donald Trump is unstable and should not to be able to occupy and run this nation’s top office. Have any of you elected officials been taught what you should be doing? Come on Congress, get some intestinal fortitude and call it what it is: A child not getting his own way and stomping his foot; and you seem to be going along with it! Do your job. That’s what your paid for — not cowering in a corner and hoping for the best!

If you need help, this old lady will volunteer. You sure need help and guts

Louise Myers,



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