Letter: Jordan, Nunes worthy of honor

This letter is in response to the “hit piece” on Jim Jordan by Sabrina Eaton of Cleveland.com (TNS). I am not sure what kind of news organization she represents, but it is obvious that she is just another liberal hack.

I totally support President Trump’s awarding the Medal of Freedom to Congressman Jordan. He and Rep. Devin Nunes did more to defend our freedom by fighting the phony Democrat impeachment scheme than any other members of Congress. I would love to see him run against Sen. Rob Portman in the next primary. Portman has shown that he is just another wimpy RINO. We need to replace him with a true conservative who is not afraid to stand up for us.

And while we are at it, we need to run a real conservative against Sherrod Brown. A solid conservative pair of senators representing Ohio would be a great change.

By the way, anyone who cannot see that the election was stolen by the Democrats in the contested swing states is truly in denial. It is a shame that the news media has sold out its obligation to truth seeking and unbiased reporting.

Kenneth E. Harris,

Lima, Ohio


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