Letter: Trump surprise you? Not me

When he preferred to avoid military service five times with doctored medical deferments, his loyalty to this country was on display.

When he created a University scam with the sole purpose of stealing from fellow Americans, his lack of love for the people in America was on display.

As he rode that escalator down in his world class building, his disdain for people of color was announced to the world.

In Helsinki when pressed about Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election, he proclaimed that he saw no reason that would point to the guilt of Russia, this even after American intelligence said otherwise displaying once again his propensity for anything other than America first.

When the military, that he so selectively avoided, had bounties placed on their heads, he once again defended Russia not even seeking answers to question left unanswered.

He once again defended Russia when intelligence pointed to Russian involvement in the recent cyber attack. Most disturbing is the lies, distortions and misinformation he has fed his supporters since the election knowing the end result could lead to an assault at the heart of this Democracy….an attack on the Capitol. Donald Trump promoted that attack because, like all the other instances, he didn’t love America enough, he loved himself too much.

Donald Trump’s supporters accomplished something Robert E Lee failed to do in 1863: They stormed and took over the Capitol and paraded around the United States Capitol with a Confederate flag and that day, January 6, 2021, will be remembered.


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