Letter: All I want is to work

In March 2020, I was offered a job as a traveling merchandiser doing resets for Gordon Foods. I was suppose to start my job March 22, but Gov. Dewine issued the stay at home order and only essential businesses could stay open . My job was considered non-essential so the job was suspended. I lost my job before I even started it.

Then I was offered a job as a numerator for the census that was canceled — another job I lost.

Who are you Gov. Dewine to tell me that my jobs are non-essential ? I have to support myself .

Then I made the mistake and signed up for PUA unemployment. Now I have to deal with the incompetency of Job and Family Services . In June I was approved for PUA unemployment for $480 a week for five months. Then they recalculated me the third week in November and decided I am only eligible for $189 a week and that they overpaid me. Now I have to pay it back . Why didn’t they approve me for $189 a week when I first signed up in June instead of waiting until the third week of November ? Now I’m not getting my $600 stimulus payment because it goes towards my overpayment.

If it wasn’t for Dewine and his non-essential mantra I would have a job.

I don’t have kids to support, but I have me to support.

Shelly Horetski,



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