Letter: Trump robbed; changes needed

Questions I have for political parties and candidates:

Why do you think we are stupid? Estimates of more than 75 million people voted for President Trump. More than 75 million people know he won. The election was stolen with casino type voting machines. The GOP was gifted with the Georgia runoff election but failed to insist on a change in the voting equipment. This is a definition of insanity … do the same thing over and over and expect a different result. Until Dominion and all other copycat tabulators are outlawed and replaced, my donations to political parties and candidates have ceased.

Instead of a sticker saying “I Voted Today,” why not give us a paper receipt with the corresponding number on our ballot showing how our vote has been counted? Then we will truly know our vote has been counted accurately. What an insult accepting that sticker. I guess we were naive. Voting corruption woke us up.

We aren’t stupid. We are awake. Changes must be made in our voting equipment.

Joseph F. Schmersal,

Columbus Grove


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