Letter: Acts of kindness were wonderful

I want to give a shout-out about acts of kindness during the Christmas season.

• Peggy Ehora of Dominion sponsoring the local choirs on television.

• Shelly Mooney Metzer in the St. Rita’s Adopt a Family program making sure all children in her group adoption had new warm coats she purchased.

• Anthony Schuh. After delivering Christmas gifts to each of his tenants, he received a tearful message from an elderly woman saying she didn’t think anyone would remember her on Christmas.

After reading Hints from Heloise (Alone and Lonely), my daughter Leslie Schuh made sure I was included and fed on the holidays. This was the second Christmas with my husband and her father. Thank you to all the daughters and sons who take care of their parents. You set a good example.

Maybe next year a volunteer Salvation Army Band can do impromptu visits around the red kettles. I remember in church one Sunday the Little Sisters of the Poor singing a song. After the applause, the donations rolled in.

Everyone pick a cause and play it forward. Americans will always take care of each other.

Cynthia McCluer, Lima


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