Letter: Shadows, provided by the radical left

Is it Feb. 2 already? Is it Punxsutawney Phil? No wait, it’s Doctor-of-something Kelly Anspaugh with in-depth insight as to why the government should control every aspect of our lives.

He does however profess the minimum knowledge as to the use of the mask as preventative measure to protect a person from the COVID-19 virus. It is imperative that the paper mask be used only once, thrown away, and the cloth be washed after a day’s use.

Doc, if you place the mask in your purse of pocket after its removal from your face, it would have the possibility of contaminating the entire contents of your handbag. This could enhance the ability to infect.

You have stated that the volunteers who died in the service of our nation are not worthy of our sorrow and admiration. After all, they took it upon themselves to answer the call of duty. May I remind you, my dear, that without their selfless act, a Confederate flag might be flying above the White House and Capitol Building. Our national language might be German or even Japanese. Our military today is all voluntary. With your military background, you must have this knowledge.

Is it more abhorrent to enslave the body or mind? I profess that each is absolutely revolting, and yet the liberal element in our schools of higher learning hold the thoughts of our youth in total bondage. For purpose of a passing grade, the student is forced to think in the radical belief and wokeness of the instructor.

The last great Democratic president eloquently stated, “Ask now what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

Leslie J. Kubinski,



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