Letter: Celebrating the educated elite

It is exciting to see a coronovirus vaccine which was developed in just a few months start to be administered!

There have been a lot of news releases on the rapid progress made in its development, many of them attributing the speed to the pharmaceutical companies and support from the Trump administration. Those of course are important ingredients, but it is important to realize that that rapid progress was possible only because of decades of research in medical science and molecular biology, research done by individuals who have spent years of their lives being educated and then following their passion by adding to our knowledge in these areas.

I have often detected disparagement and resentment of these educated elite in our society, as if having those degrees, especially from highly ranked institutions, makes them suspect. But it is important to realize, especially at this time, that without them our society would be at the mercy of a raging virus for years in the future.

Let’s understand the important role education and experience play in providing competence in our society. Let’s celebrate the educated elite!

Judith Hruschka,



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