Letter: DeWine should stand tough

Gov. DeWine, I’m requesting that you do not approve the HB798. It has exposed corrupt politicians and dirtied Ohio’s name and politics.

You have done an excellent job with the pandemic in Ohio. Why would you sully your name, your historical record over this corrupt Bill that takes advantage of the consumers. I was shocked at the lengths they went to, to pass Bill HB6, the lies they told, the millions of dollars that exchanged hands. I’m guessing, to be made back by collecting money on Ohio citizen utility bills.

We need to be moving into the future, not propping up aging coal and nuclear plants.

“Ohio is the fourth largest producer of global warming emissions among all the states,” with per capita emissions nearly “19 percent higher than the national average.” This is “mainly because 87 percent of Ohio’s electricity comes from coal-fired power plants (compared with the national average of 50 percent).”

Carole L. Daley,


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