Letter: Let’s not be China’s puppet

What can a 75-year-old grandma do to “Take back America?”

For more than 40 days I’ve been waiting for someone to do something. No one has, so I will.

The Democrats have sold our birthright to the Chinese. Today, the Chinese have taken the first step in overthrowing America. More than 75 million Americans cast their votes and the Democrats cheated their way to victory. How can anyone accept a “fearless leader” that is a puppet to the Chinese.

If we are smart enough to land on the moon, we should be able to figure out how to hold an honest election.

“We the people” can be poll watchers using cameras at all polling places where votes are counted along with people from each party overlooking the physical counting. If it takes more than 40 days to count the votes, then so be it.

Kathy Ball


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