Letter: Ohio fortunate to have DeWine

This is a difficult letter for me to write. I have thought long and hard about it, but I am fed up with the Republican Party in Ohio. I have been a Republican all my life, but will take note of who votes to impeach Gov. Mike DeWine. They will find me actively voting and lobbying against them.

Our governor has had nothing but the well-being of our state and its people in mind all through this COVID pandemic. I thoroughly agree with all that he, John Husted and Dr. Amy have done since this started. Were people hurt, yes, but it was not malicious or evil, but to protect as much as possible the people of this State. Many people were saved from death by his early actions.

The people who are behind this impeachment are looking for only one thing: to advance their names. so that they can have instant recognition when they run for governor. 1 would not vote for any of them — Kasich, Sen. Brown, or Romney. They are turncoats. The only thing that would turn me against Gov. DeWine would be if he gave the vaccine to professional or college athletes or Hollywood types ahead of health-care workers, first responders and those in nursing homes.

I was brought up on a small farm 60 miles west of Chicago. I know Chicago politics. As a young girl we had a family from Chicago come to our farm to hunt rabbits and pheasants. We became quite good friends with them. One time he brought another man with him. After done for the day, they stood around talking and drinking coffee to warm up. This was right after an important election and the man joked that he had voted four times! He was paid to vote for people who had died and were not taken off the rolls. My father kicked him off the farm and told him never to come back. He was not welcome for doing that. That is Chicago politics and it happens everywhere. I was an election judge for some years and we were always concerned by names that appeared on the poll books of people we knew had died but it was almost impossible to get them removed. Wake up America.

Beverly Carr,



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