Getting things off my mind

Much of the country is in turmoil. Yet, as a community Lima has kept its emotions in check.

Good for us.

Our police department has new, young officers. They rock. They are community-minded and have a service mentality. Give them the respect they deserve.

Now for some change: Our sheriff’s department needs body cameras that have a wide field of vision. It’s also time for changing the way positions in upper management at the police department are filled. We need to be able to look outside the community for leadership. The argument against this is the current system is a stepping stone for a chief to get experience. So, while the country is changing, Lima wants to keep the group that protects our city which has the highest crime rate per capita of any city our size in the country (FBI stats 2018). As you can see and hear it isn’t getting better. Crime is now all over town and affects us all.

Speaking of stodgy old thinking, I listened to a podcast of “Hello Lima” and have watched my second show. Jerome O’Neal is a good moderator and host. While listening to the podcast that day Derry Glenn was espousing his view on the shootings and gangs in Lima. He was asked if there’s a gang problem in Lima. Twenty minutes later we still did not have a direct answer. Can you say politician? What can the coalition of pastors do about the shootings? Come on, God’s voices, be heard.

Lastly, kudos to the Bath community for turning down a possible money grab on state Route 309. Trustees wanted money for the township, yet years ago let a large Nestle’s plant go to Indiana. Time for change.

Of course, these are just my opinions.

Robert DeVita, Lima

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