Letter: Solar project is frightening

The column, “Misinformation About Solar Project,” by Kevin Smith, CEO, Lightsource bp, reveals his poor judgment extends beyond SolarReserve, the $1 billion dollar failure that occurred while being CEO of Crescent Dunes. Multiple internet searches beyond the Bloomberg report reveal this: The Wall Street Journal stated, “DOE posed to lose approximately $225 million.”

Allen and Auglaize County residents should be frightened by this massive industrial scale solar project. We want what is best for our community. Lightsource bp is catastrophe.

There are currently 27 utility solar facilities proposed in Ohio. Not one is in counties as large as Allen/Auglaize. The proposed Birch Solarina population of 27,445 in townships Shawnee, Logan, Duchouquet is preposterous. The impact of 1,900 acres fenced, 750,000+solar panels, and approximately 28 miles of 10 foot high fence and dirty muddy access roads is devastating for so many economical, ecological, and sociological reasons.

Population density is a major determinant of whether massive scale facility runs into organized public opposition. PUCO Siting Board public comments show this. Lightsource bp is exception so many developers in lower density populated areas. BP fails to recognize Allen Auglaize as too densely populated for this 2,600 acre monstrosity.

Kevin Smith left SolarReserve prior to it filing bankruptcy. Can we trust Lightsource bp with our community’s best interest in mind? The answer is apparent in his closing statement. He touts increased tax revenues (more revenue would be gained without PILOT), creating jobs (about 5permanent) and increasing farmer’s incomes. Paraphrasing, “Health, welfare, environment, habitats, you silly local middle-state folk, mean little.”

Ann Fisher

Auglaize/Logan Township

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