Letter: Pardon me if I’m confused

I’ve spent the last week trying to decide what confuses me more: the regularity with which the Allen County Republican party appoints people to what should be elected offices; or that Mike DeWine’s fellow party members are trying to impeach him while Larry Householder retains his seat in the Ohio House. Why is my electric bill going to be a little higher next month?

All this brings back memories of Sam Crish being re-elected after the FBI raided his office.

I have to admit that I am also confused how the two-party system and the electoral college survive in this age of mass communication that could never have been imagined by our forefathers.

Maybe it would clear things up for me if those who want to impeach Mike DeWine would answer the following question:

If DeWine is the nominee for governor in 2022 will you vote for a Democrat?

Terry J Knebel


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