Letter: What can you do?

What can

you do?

I am a pharmacist in a Northwest Ohio hospital and I want to encourage you to take this pandemic seriously.

As this virus rages through our area, all hospitals are being stressed, both with capacity and staffing issues. This does not only affect Covid patients. I will not lecture you for or against masks, but plead with you to take multiple precautions, as we near our favorite time of year — the Christmas season.

This disease is proving itself to be a chameleon and very different from the flu. Some of us have zero symptoms, while others are deathly ill. Hospitalizations and recovery times are significantly longer, with the potential for long term problems.

What can you do to protect your family?

• You can shop at unusual times to avoid crowds.

• You can have groceries delivered to your car.

• You cab support local restaurants with carry out and still leave a tip for staff.

No one in America wants to make these choices, but we need to, for a short time. Herd immunity will eventually arrive, with the help of vaccines and unfortunate meteoric rise in cases. Personally, after what I have witnessed in the hospital, I choose the vaccine over the illness.

Dawn Davis, Spencerville


What can

you do?

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