Letter: Cornerstone of honest elections

The votes cast by Ohioans for Donald J Trump on Nov. 3 do not matter. Our votes for Trump were negated by corrupt politicians, power brokers, poll workers and bureaucrats in six states: Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada.

Ohio’s 2020 election was run honestly and transparently. It was the fifth presidential election I’ve had a small role in. Mistakes were made, but they did not alter the outcome of the election. Ohio, Florida, New York and California counted the votes the day of the election. Why did they stop counting in most of those six states? Why did they stop counting at the same time? Transparency is a cornerstone of honest elections and the law requires it in Ohio. What became of transparency in those six states?

Americans should demand the results of the election in those six states, be reviewed openly, honestly and thoroughly by equal numbers of both Trump and Biden supporters prior to the certification. Those conducting the review should have complete access to ballots, equipment and software. If there is nothing to the claims of fraud and corruption, that will be borne out.

If what Trump is alleging did in fact occur and if the results are not honestly reviewed and overturned, votes cast by Americans in future elections will not matter. Americans will have lost their most important right and precious role in their own governance. That is a tremendous right and critical role to lose. Ask the people of Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran and Cuba, to name six foreign states, if you need proof.

Joseph Kuhn, Minster


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