Letter: Of, By, and For the People

I’m a Republican, and as a Republican, I voted for Donald Trump.

However, I am an American first.

So, if Joe Biden was voted in by the American people in a free and fair election, then I want him to be president. However, he wasn’t! And, in spite of Big Tech and news media censorship, everyone on both sides of the aisle knows this. Massive election fraud is attempting to take away Trump’s landslide win and give it to Biden. Those who say they don’t believe this are lying to themselves and everybody else because they know better.

However, the problem I have is with those who, knowing Biden didn’t win, are still OK with the result because they got what they wanted: they are rid of Trump! What you have done, friend, is you have just shot America right between the eyes and destroyed your own freedom in the process.


What if Biden’s election riggers actually succeed in getting him into office and once he is there he is too liberal or not liberal enough for you? You say “I’ll just vote for someone else in the next election.” No you won’t! You’ll never again be able to vote in your candidate because you just ceded over your right to elect your own rulers to crooked people and the nation Of, By, and For the People is now the nation Of, By, and For the election riggers. All because of you!

Jim Fletcher, Spencerville


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