Letter: Figley’s facts? Go figure

In his recent column Mark Figley claims the COVID virus isn’t as bad as we’re being told. He says the media’s constant attention to it makes it appear worse. Meanwhile, more than 800 nurses, doctors and health-care workers have died from the virus.

In another column, Figley claims the election was rigged. He cites a law passed in Pennsylvania that makes mail-in voting easier. The Republican legislature in that state passed this law in 2019. Do we really believe the Republicans were in on the crime?

Next he says voting machines were rigged for Biden and ballot were submitted with only one name — Biden. This is false.

Trump’s own ballot security official said this is the most secure election ever. For his honest, Trump fired him.

Why don’t we give Trump one million more votes. That way he would only lose by five million to Biden.

James Perine, Lima


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