Letter: Dems need control of Senate

If the Biden administration is to get cabinet members and judges confirmed it must control the Senate. For that to happen, Rapheal Warnock and Jon Ossoff must be elected in the run-off election in Georgia on Jan. 5. If only one of them wins, Mitch McConnell will continue to be Majority Leader of the Senate. Vice President Kamala Harris will be the President of the Senate. She would break tie votes.

All Senate committees would be chaired by Republicans. In many cases, it would be difficult to get legislation out of committees, and to get it passed in the Conference Committee which resolves differences in bills passed by the Senate and House of Representatives.

With Biden as president, if Republicans control the Senate the stalemate will result in much needed legislation not being passed. We need to fund legislation because of the pandemic. We must treat the sick, utilize the vaccine, and mitigate the effects of job losses, starvation, loss of shelter, heat during winter and the mental stress.

Albert A. Gabel,

Professor Emeritus, The Ohio State University


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