Letter: Democrats a cunning bunch

Comical, if not for its seriousness and danger, is the convenient amnesia displayed by the Democrats and their free PR and promotion agency (most of the national news organizations) when they ridicule Trump for his “unprecedented” challenge of the election.

Forgotten are Gore’s challenge into December of the 2000 election, the Democrats’ and their PR agency’s bitter call for Trump’s impeachment even before he took office, their use in impeachment actions of a fake dozier and the included fake evidence of Trump wrong doing, and the bitter Democrat boycott of the 2017 Inauguration. And they called Trump divisive!?!?

Oh, and the bitter Democrats and their free PR and promotion agency successfully and falsely convinced black Americans that the racial problems in their large, mostly Democrat controlled cities and police departments are Trump’s fault.

Most serious and dangerous is the amnesia of Democrat support, promotion, defense, and facilitation of the evilest blots on American history – slavery, racism, and killing of infants. They fought abolitionist Republicans. They established racial segregation laws, rules, and policies, including their star president’s maintenance of strict racial segregation in the military during the worst war in human history. Their support, promotion, defense, and facilitation of abortion has resulted in around 50 million brutal purges of infants, rivaling Socialist/Communist political purges that resulted in scores of millions of deaths in each the USSR and China. And now they support, promote, and defend the addition of a fourth evil dark blot on American history by changing the USA to the USSA (United Socialist States of America).

Yes, they are a sneaky and cunning bunch, those Democrats and their free PR and promotion agency.

James Powell, Lima


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