Letter: Portman is all talk

It must be that time again. Rob Portman is worried about his re-election, so he’s pretending to be bipartisan once more, after four years of kowtowing to Donald Trump.

Portman voted for Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. He voted for Alexander Acosta, despite knowing about the sweetheart plea deal he arranged for sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. He voted for Trump’s tax scam that gave huge breaks to corporations like GM that laid off Ohio workers and shipped jobs overseas.

Now he’s calling for bipartisan legislation to address the coronavirus crisis, but what he fails to mention is that the House passed the HEROES Act months ago. Since that time, Mitch McConnell has sat on his hands and done nothing to help the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs and the small businesses that are struggling to survive.

If Portman wants to do more than talk about bipartisanship — if he actually wanted to demonstrate it — he could acknowledge the reality that Joe Biden won the 2020 election and is the president-elect. Joe Biden will be sworn into office on Jan. 20, and every minute that the Trump administration stonewalls his transition team, our national security is put at risk.

I assume Rob Portman cares about the coronavirus and national security. But as long as he cares more about not pleasing Trump and his followers, he’ll leave Ohioans at risk.

Lisa Robeson, Bluffton


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