Letter: Perry schools won’t take support for granted

On behalf of the Perry Board of Education and all district staff, I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to the constituents of Perry Township for renewing our operating levy on Tuesday, Nov. 3. We realize these are very difficult financial times. Your willingness to support our school renewal request in the midst of these challenging times is inspiring and motivational to all of us who work and serve in the Perry Local School District.

Daily, I witness the ability in each of us to recover from misfortune and adapt quickly to change. The support of our community is the heart and life’s blood of Perry Schools. We will strive to maintain your trust and use resources wisely toward our mission of educating students. I am certain if we maintain a focus on leveraging existing dollars to meet the needs of students, together we will emerge stronger out of these economic headwinds.

Kelly L. Schooler

Superintendent, Perry Local Schools


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