Letter: Here’s the rest of the story

This is in response to Mark Figley’s column on Nov. 20. Yes, president Trump is within his rights to contest the election. However, there are several items mentioned in Figley’s columne I want to address.

• To date, there’s no proof that any swing states stopped counting votes as initially claimed by conservative author, Mr. Benny Johnson.

• A voter does not have to cast a vote for the House/Senate races or other down-ticket candidates. It is legal and acceptable to only cast a vote for the president.

• Hillary Clinton did mention that Biden shouldn’t concede. Her fear was that Republicans would mess with absentee ballots.

• In Pennsylvania, the governor requested approval to accept mail in ballots after the polls closed due to postal delivery issues. The Supreme Court if Pennsylvania approved that request.

• In Michigan, it’s been confirmed in one county, one report was erroneous and that was due to human error. Software wasn’t updated, officials stopped using the software and updated the site manually.

Again, President Trump is within his rights to contest the election. Also, blind rage is upon both sides of the party lines. When will it end, and most importantly, where do we go from here?

Dominique Hollomon

former Lima resident,

Hampton, Virginia


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