Letter: Mr. DeWine: Where has money gone?

In April Gov. Mike DeWine told the schools there would be a $700 million shortfall from Ohio to the schools, the consequences of COVID-19.

In October of 2019 the Ohio legislature passed and Gov DeWine signed the Marketplace Facilitator law whereby any company doing more than $100,000 of business in the state of Ohio would have the individual online purchases taxed with funds going to the state.

Now during a normal year this would go unnoticed, but this is not a normal year. With COVID, online purchases skyrocketed. Amazon, Walmart and Target, etc. had online purchases explode at stratospheric rates. Amazon stock in January was at $1,898 a share. It closed on Friday, Nov. 20, at $3,099. Ohio has a population of 12 million. 12 million possible customers paying online taxes for TVs, appliances, etc. … money going to the state.

How much has Ohio collected so far, Gov DeWine?

My other question for the governor is in regards to the death total from COVID-19. According to ohio.gov, 5,612 have died as of this writing. An horrific loss of life. But Gov DeWine bases all his actions on infection rates, hospitalizations and deaths. In regards to deaths, DeWine relies on totals of which 3,154 of those have occurred in long-term care facilities. That’s 56% of the total.

Why are sedentary individuals outside the mainstream economy factored in the decision to open our economy or schools?

Craig Nichols, Findlay


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