Letter:Ohio should be thanking DeWine

For months now we’ve seen Gov. Mike DeWine severely chastised by Republicans in Ohio for the actions he’s taken to protect Ohioans from the coronavirus. He’s been called a RINO, a traitor, a tyrant, a fool, etc. This despite the fact that he’s a lifelong conservative and was co-chair of the Donald Trump re-election committee in the state.

It appears that his critics would have preferred that Mr. DeWine behave like Kristi Noem, the Trump-worshipping governor of South Dakota. Noem took no action whatsoever to slow the spread of the virus in her state — no lockdowns, no stay-at-home orders, no mask mandates, etc. She did not call off the Trump rally at Mount Rushmore where most of those in attendance did not wear masks or practice social distancing. She did not intervene to cancel the annual Sturgis motorcycle rally. She simply trusted the people of her state to make the right choices — to do the right thing.

How did that work out for Governor Noem?

Well, right now South Dakota is competing with North Dakota (another state with a do-nothing governor) for having the highest Covid death rate, not simply among states in the US, but of any place in the whole wide world.

As a lifelong Democrat, I never thought I’d say this, but God Bless Mike DeWine.

Kelly Anspaugh,



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