Letter: Who is behind Biden election?

What most people don’t realize is The Council on Foreign Relations, formed about 100 years ago, is hidden in plain site of the American people.

It is a group of the wealthiest, most influential individuals including the media, Democrats, Republicans, Hollywood, corporations and foundations.

Some member names you will recognize are Clinton, Bush, Colin Powell, Bloomberg, George Clooney, Stephanopoulos, Juju Chang, Soros, Gates, Mark Esper and hundreds more. All march to the beat of the same drummer, as you hear and see for yourself on mainstream media.

They are referred to as the deep state or shadow government because they are the government behind whoever we elect. Their agenda is to move us to socialism and one-world government by making you poor through taxes. Poor people are less likely to fight back. It is ironic that people in the U.S. may have just elected a president being duped by the same people they claim to scorn, the wealthy influential class.

There were many questionable things that happened in this election that should be examined to make sure our votes actually count in the future. If Gore got 36 days to determine his presidency results, doesn’t Trump deserve the same to make sure our elections are fair?

What is the media and the CFR so afraid of that they want Trump to throw in the towel right now as they continue to dog him?

CFR people all live in and around the DC/New York area. Their hatred of Trump is on display for all to see. The DC vote tells me all I need to know: 95% for Biden, 5% for Trump. They will do whatever it takes to ensure Trump does not win.

Is that really government by, for, and of the people?

Linda Bishop, Findlay


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