Letter: Thank you for supporting Lost Creek

I wanted to take a minute to thank all the Bath Township voters who showed their support for the residents of Lost Creek.

Folks have said that our neighborhood has lost its appeal since the golf course closed. They’ve even described Lost Creek as some sort of “Victory Village.” The township trustees and their fellow “leaders” in the community have labeled the residents of Lost Creek as resistant and scared of change. They have even accused us of standing in the way of progress.

Well, on Nov. 3, the voters of Bath Township backed the residents of Lost Creek and defeated the trustees’ irresponsible attempt at economic development. The voters saw through the “bunk” of the uninformed trustees and realized that it wasn’t about change after all. It was about quality of life, affordable housing, safety and the opportunity to realize the “American Dream.”

The trustees, with the outside help from business leaders and investors, thought they could push this through. Well, Lost Creek residents rolled up their sleeves and fought for their rights.

I find it shameful that our elected leaders were so arrogant and out of touch with their constituents, they refused to acknowledge the township didn’t support the overlay before they made their recommendation. The trustees should be ashamed for their fiscal irresponsibility by blowing $10,000 of taxpayer money on a project that was clearly detrimental to the community.

If that squandered $10,000 had been used towards roads, perhaps the township residents wouldn’t be paying an additional $5 tax on every vehicle registered in the township.

Hopefully, the voters in Bath Township will remember this debacle when it’s time to elect trustees again! Thank you again, Bath Township, for supporting our “Victory Village”!

James Fisher, Bath Township


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