Letter: Whom should I believe?

I am surprised that the social studies and U.S. Government teachers in the various school districts around Allen County have not bombarded the Opinion page with their disgust and frustrations at the thoughtless pieces of information that the community is teaching their children with their comments.

Who will the children believe: Their teachers or the scenes and information displayed in the media?

Example (1): Vote to keep the Second Amendment. When was the Second the amendment ever in jeopardy of being erased from the Bill of Rights? Was the amendment written solely for any citizen to bear arms and willfully engage and attack places like Phoenix, Arizona, Maricopa County Elections Department or Michigan State Capitol because of some uncontrolled anger or emotion? Was this the intent of the amendment?

Example (2): The election process hinges upon the actions of the Electoral College – if the College does not serve the best interests of the People, then change or modify the procedures through the legislative body and not through civil unrest, an action that our government leaders appear less anxious to tackle.

If we disagree, and we will, let’s better utilize our taxpayers’ dollars and draft our arguments from the same text that our children are being taught daily. Give our children a fighting chance to learn about our system of government the right way, develop their ideas, and express their opinions logically and intellect.

Bob Proby, Lima


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