Letter: Election about decency verses indecency

Anthony Fauci has served the United States admirably through six presidents, assisting in health projects worldwide for the benefit of all humanity. Never has he been demeaned and demonized at anytime until the present White House occupant began his campaign of lies and disinformation because he chose to make wearing a mask a political issue rather than a safety issue.

Dr. Fauci has previously been awarded, the Maxwell Finland award, The Ernst Jung prize, Lasker Award, Medal of Freedom, and the Robert Koch Prize awards rightly earned but not respected by a two- bit carnival barking reality TV personality, a guy that thought it was to his political advantage to attack an honored scholar.

Dr. Fauci does not stand alone in being a victim of a man that former Trump Chief of Staff John Kelley says is “The Most flawed person he has ever met”. There are far too many present and former Trump officials, too many to name here, that have spoken up about Trump’s unfitness to serve in the highest office. His reign of terror stopped being about Republican verses Democrat quite some time ago, it is now about decency verses indecency and who we are as a country.

America first is what he says, but it has always been Donald first and everyone else last evidenced by the unnecessary stress on people in the medical professions, essential employees, rally attendees, and even his own security staff.

I am so much looking forward to the day that the chaos ends, the day that I awake without wondering what did he do now?

Charles Thomas, Lima


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