Letter: School funding all trick, no treat

Several years ago I went to a meeting where Lima’s charter and religious schools along with State Sen. Matt Huffman were in attendance. It was explaining “scholarships,” aka vouchers.

I finally said, “I feel you support the schools and they in turn give money to support your campaign, therefore, the taxpayers are paying for your campaign.” Huffman responded, “I don’t look at it that way.”

Local schools’ residents vote in taxes for their schools and state senators and representatives have decided to take control of these funds and use them for “scholarships.” Huffman is bent on destroying public schools as he leads taking control of local funds.

I like religious schools, but charter schools have made many of their owners wealthy. Public schools have audits, state tests, attendance and graduation rates graded. They accept all students, even those with learning and behavioral difficulties.

State Senator Huffman: Please level the playing field and have all schools follow the same rules. Huffman pushed a bill through that is giving local superintendents and treasurers nightmares. His bill takes a huge amount of funds from public schools because their scores were too low.

Call Huffman, superintendents and treasurers to see where your money is going. His legislation for public schools is scary. It’s all trick, no treat.

Catherine Heitz,



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